emerged from the desire of improving the lives of children and parents by providing a large variety of fashionable clothes made of smart and eco-friendly fabrics.


The habit of over-dressing your child with thick clothes which limit the movements, irritates the sensitive skin and encourages excessive sweating, has disappeared almost completely in civilized countries.


Our mission is to put an end to this customary ordeal for children here in Romania by offering you a large range of Scandinavian clothing and accessories, produced by the most well-known and appreciated eco-friendly brands in the field of Smart Clothing & Ethical Fashion.


Smart clothes are traditional clothing items that have been upgraded with modern technology. Due to the special features they are equipped with, these clothes allow your child to play in pouring rain or heavy snow, without getting wet, all of this while being lighter and more efficient than any other clothing article designed to protect the little ones from the cold. The models are particularly beautiful and the bright colors and cheerful prints are combined to give your baby perfect visibility during the dark months.


In addition, due to the treatment to which the fabrics are subjected upon, many of these items almost do not require washing, they can be just cleaned and worn again.


From swimwear with UV protection, to jackets made from recycled, waterproof and windproof materials, which weigh only a few hundred grams, you can find here the newest, most efficient and most beautiful children and babies products made of smart and eco-friendly fabrics.


If you care about your child and the well-being of the planet we live on, if you are against the abusive exploitation of land, people and animals for the sake of fashion, then you have come to the most appropriate place to quickly and conveniently purchase fashionable , sustainable and eco-friendly clothing and accessories for babies and children.