Defender Super Accessories

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    No Super Hero Costume is complete without Super Accessories!

    Spectacular, comfortable and cozy, Super-Accessories turn children into Super-Heroes from the first wear.

    The elastic Headband offers a versatile and comfortable fit. In addition, it is covered with metal wires that add the much-needed shine to special missions for added visibility.

    To run like the wind  the  Super Heroe’s  feet can get Extra-Powers with the help of the Super-Legbands. They are covered in metal wires for ultra-shine and have on the back decorations that flutter in the wind during running, or flying. They are closed at the back with elastic bands for increased breathability.

    The Wristbands are flexible, comfortable and designed to protect the forearms in ground or intergalactic battles. The metal wires with which they are covered guarantee Ultra-Shine and perfect matching.

    For increased Superpowers it is recommended to accessorise with Super Hero Defender Set and  Defender Backpack & Cape