Our products are delivered to Europe, 30 days from (a) upon acceptance of an Order for the Products in stock, (b) the conclusion of the Contract, respectively (c) since the pre-ordered Products become available for delivery. Please check the advertised sale date for any Pre-ordered Product and note that any Orders containing both On Stock and Pre-ordered Products will be shipped within 7 business days of product availability.


You will be informed of the shipping methods available and will be able to choose one of these methods before completing an Order. Babysharksclub.com will not be liable for delays in the delivery of the Product (s) that have occurred due to the carrier’s fault or in other situations beyond the control or will of Babysharksclub.com.


Upon shipment of the Product (s), you may be asked to confirm delivery. You agree to inspect the Product (s) for any defects, defects or obvious damage before signing the delivery. You must keep the receipt of the Product (s) / goods accompanying notice to exercise your right to withdraw from the contract, in accordance with the Return Policy (Right of Withdrawal) section below.


All risks relating to the Product (s) will be transferred to you upon delivery, unless the delivery is delayed due to non-compliance with your obligations under the Contract. Thus, the risk will be transferred on the date of delivery. As soon as the risk is transferred to you, we will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of the Product (s).


If you are not available for delivery or collection, or if delivery or collection is delayed by unreasonable refusal to accept the delivery, Babysharksclub.com may, at its sole discretion:

  1. immediately terminate the Contract, in which case we will reimburse all amounts already paid under the applicable Contract, minus our reasonable administration expenses (including costs for shipping and returning the Product);
  2. keep the Product (s) for you, provided you bear the costs of return and the costs of a new shipment.